Thursday, February 23, 2006


All that typing about girlfriends in my last post reminded me that I have some things to say about girlfriends:

One day I was visiting a nursing home here in Pullman and I was visiting this one guy who asked me if I had a girlfriend. I answered him directly, "No." His response was, "Then what do you do for sex?" I thought to myself that if I ever have a girlfriend, I should probably not go around saying, "So and so is my girlfriend," because if I do so, people will think to themselves, "Joshua has been having sex with So and so." You know, going around and saying the equivalent of, "So and so has been having sex with me," just wouldn't be very nice for dear sweet So and so.

So I decided that I needed to come up with another term for the significant other that Jesus may or may not give me later. Of course I realize that if such a term catches on it will doubtlessly become corrupted like all sorts of other terms have, e.g. girlfriend didn't always mean "female meeting sexual needs," but I guess that all I care about is that it doesn't become corrupted until after I am through with it, i.e. until after I become married.

So I did come up with a term and you have already read it in the heading: Very Important Person. Whenever I introduced my "girlfriend" to someone I can say, this is So and so my VIP and explain why I don't want to call her my girlfriend.


Jessica said...

Lol, nice.

victor horky (joshua's brother) said...

that's nice. so, what did you answer that guy when he asked you what you did for sex?