Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Attempting to glorify the worm

These are pictures of pastor Dale. He ministered to my grandparents someplace and then to my parents years ago at 15th Avenue Bible Church (which no longer exists) before I was born.
He ministered to me at Sky Valley Bible Church in Monroe from 2001-2004.

Come to think of it, I must have been born for some of that 15th Ave Bible Church stuff because I know that loves to tell a story about me praying for snow at a time when snow was unlikely and getting it and then going four-wheeling in his orange pickup truck.

I have taken several of the sermons that he preached during his time at Sky Valley Bible Church from audio cassette tapes and placed them on the Sky Valley Bible Church web site because I find myself referring back to my recollections of his teachings over and over again. These include preaching on:
  • eternal security
  • the exclusive priesthood of Jesus
  • the meaning of propitiation (1 John 4:10)
  • the meaning of repentance (probably not what you think)
  • the fact that Jesus lives in each of His children
  • the need for believers to restrain themselves to keep themselves from pontificating and making people feel guilty over things that don't matter
  • the need for believers to deal with bad behavior in the church
  • the fact that Jesus is the King
  • the need for believers to walk with Jesus all the way through the end of their lives
Pastor Dale has his own ministry which he calls Reaching Men Ministries which takes men (not too many at a time) away from normal life (often to some sort of wilderness) and talks to them about regular old things and things of eternal significance because many to most of the deep conversations that Jesus had with his disciples took place during such excursions.Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Thanks Joshua, this is nice of you to put this together.

Dale sounds like a real person and one that LOVES the work that GOD has called him to.

rod and jean said...

Nice blog, Joshua! And I appreciate reading your thoughts, too. We have some common experiences dating back to Pastor Dale.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joshua, I am really not anonymous but I don't have a blogger so this is your fellow WSU student Josh. Pastor D sounds like a cool guy to meet. I don't know many people who are into horses, and I have not really ridden them much. Have you man? Actually one time I was riding a horse and I had a really bad experience. We were going through some woods with branches that stuck out at my feet. I was thrown off the horse but my foot was still caught in the stirrup and I was dragged for quite awhile. I thought I was going to die! Over rocks, and bumps, it was a painful experience. And then the lady at Fred Meyer came and unpulled the plug.